Thanksgiving Goodygiving

This is a quick and creative way to dress up your Thanksgiving goody bags! (Pictured in this goody bag is some GF Pumpkin Bread.)

What you need:

  • goody bag (brown/white paper sack, sandwich bag, or other plastic bag)
  • 1 sheet of orange or brown construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • red and black/brown markers
  • crayons
  • pencil
  • two hands!!

What to do:

  • place one hand on construction paper
  • with pencil, trace hand from one side of the wrist to the other
  • remove hand and draw a slightly curved line to finish the turkey shape
  • on some of the scrap paper, draw a cone for the beak, color it black or brown, and cut it out, leaving enough tab to tape it to the head
  • on some more scrap paper, draw a squiggly for the red dangly thing under the turkey’s beak, cut it out with a tab and tape it under the beak
  • draw some legs on scrap paper, color, cut out with a tab, and tape at the base
  • color that turkey’s feathers; be creative!
  • with a marker, give your bird an eye
  • write a message to the receiver
  • loop a piece of tape and connect your Thanksgiving turkey to a bag of your choice
  • fill goody bag with tasty treats!


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